General Condition Terms

A) SPANISH COURSES – REV 001-2021/22:

Liceo Hispánico school has been duly established since December 2010. This document establishes the conditions governing the use of our services and the contracting of Spanish courses for youths and adults (hereinafter “Service”).

Please read these and our Privacy Policy carefully before using the Service. By using our resources, registering as a Client or contracting our Service, you consent to be bound by them.
“You”, “Client” or “Student“ shall be understood as the natural or legal person who, upon acceptance of these Conditions, contracts a service from Liceo Hispánico (the “School”).

It will be understood as „Website“, the website of Liceo Hispánico (
Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is mandatory and essential for contracting the Service. Therefore, such acceptance occurs at the same time that the registration fee is paid, or, when a signed reservation request, email or brochure with the data to domicile the registration amount, is delivered to the School.

The Terms and Conditions will govern the relationship between the parties (the School and Client or Student). Liceo Hispánico reserves the right to modify the same that, where appropriate, have been established for contracting the Service, through the Website, when it deems it appropriate or in order to adapt said texts to legislative and technological changes, being valid and taking effect from the publication on the Website of the new versions. The temporary validity of these Terms and Conditions coincides with the indicated revision number, therefore, with the time of their exposure, until they are totally or partially modified, at which time the new conditions will come into force. These modifications will not affect in any case the subscriptions made prior to their entry into force.

In case of re-enrollment, the Client must pay attention to the C&Terms updated and exposed at that time on the Liceo Hispánico website. The C&T that apply will be those in force on the re-enrollment date.

1. Enrollment
IMPORTANT: If you need to apply for a visa student you have to contact the school previously.

To enroll, you can pay in cash or by Bank Transfer.
As soon as we receive all the documents and the payment, the school will send you an email with the confirmation and additional information about how to get there.

Course. For booking you have to pay 150€ (that later will be discounted from the total price of the course) or if you prefer, can pay the entire amount of the course.
Other Services (transfers, accommodations, extra activities, etc.). For reservation you have to pay the entire amount, before (or the 1st day) of your arrival at the school.
All amounts must be paid 5 weeks before the scheduled date for the start of the program.

You can pay with:
a) PayPal:
b) By Bank Transfer to LICEO HISPÁNICO:
Bank: CAJA RURAL DE EXTREMADURA Calle San Pedro, 10, 10003 Cáceres.
IBAN: ES70 3009 0110 9926 1205 4920
All Payments must be done in Euros and must be free of bank charges. Make sure that the full name of the student is clearly stated in the bank transfer so that he or she can be easily identified. The bank transfer involves charges for both banks. The applicant will be charged with both costs.
Liceo Hispánico is not responsible for unauthorized payments. If you do it, we can notify the police authorities before making the money back and that can delay the procedures.

2. What does the course price include?
Registration fees; Initial placement test (if necessary); Material for the classes; Certificate of attendance and level of competence achieved; Free Internet WIFI in the whole school building; Free renting of books, CD ́s, movies, etc.; Free telephone and e-mail reception service; Emergency telephone 24 hrs.; Personal attendance and information according to your needs; Participation in some (free) school activities; Tutorships; VAT. Additional services detailed in your specific offer.

Not included in the price: Everything that is not included in the previous paragraph.

3. Accommodation
Liceo Hispánico doesn’t offer accommodation, but offers a generic support at the students to their arrival in Cáceres offering all kinds
of information and facilities to contact entities who can facilitate a successful stay in the city.
To help the Student, Liceo Hispánico will inform him/her about address and characteristics of the place and a telephone.
The student can check in his accommodation at 3PM, before the start date of the course. Check out after finish the course at 3PM.
The prices shown in our web page or catalogue includes all costs of water, light and gas of your accommodation.
The prices of the accommodation cannot includes: laundry service, bed linen and towels provided, rent of towels and sheets, extra nights, accompanying persons: If a student has visitors staying with him or a person accompanying him, he has to inform the school and pay for his or her accommodation as well.
If you choose the Homestay accommodation, you have to leave a deposit of 100 € on your arrival. The deposit will be returned to the student at the end of the stay provided there are no damages in the apartment.
The student has to indicate his arrival time in advance so that we can arrange an appointment for him to pick up the keys.
If the student does not inform us about his arrival time, the school will not be held responsible for the costs if the student has to book a night in any other accommodation.
For applications at short notice we cannot guarantee the type of accommodation applied for. In that case the student will have to choose from whatever accommodation is available.

4. Certificate of admission
– Without Visa Student. If the student doesn’t need to apply for a visa student, once filled out the form and paid the registration fees, Liceo Hispánico will send him the admission by email.

– With Visa Student. If the student needs an official certificate to apply for a visa student (it costs 50€), he/she get it previously authorization of the Liceo Hispánico and once filled out the form, paid the course and the condition terms duly signed and sent. Our prices don’t include shipping costs.

5. Cancellation or Suspension
If you want to suspend or cancel the contracted Service, you must apply to do so in writing through certified mail/E-mail or Burofax. In case of doing it by ordinary email, you should make sure to receive a confirmation response from Liceo Hispánico. Without such confirmation your request will not be valid.

If the Client/Student cancels the course before his arrival or the embassy don’t get him the visa, Liceo Hispánico will give him all the money back except 150€ per student in concept of registration fees. No amount will be refundable if you communIcate the cancellation with less than 5 business days before the start date of the course or if the course has already begun.

If there are less than 15 days from the start date and the Client/ Student has not paid all the amounts according to the established terms, Liceo Hispánico will be forced to automatically cancel the contracted Service (courses, accommodation, transportation, activities, etc.) and may demand the payment of invoices from external suppliers whose payment could not be covered with the amounts paid by the client until the moment of automatic cancellation. No amount will be refundable in the event of such automatic cancellation.

If the cancellation of the service occurs unilaterally, by decision of Liceo Hispánico or due to force majeure, Liceo Hispánico will communicate the dates of recovery of the classes or issue a voucher redeemable to enjoy the same or other services of the school for a whole year, counted from the scheduled start date.

The Client/Student can suspend the course (change the date) if more than 30 days are missing from the start date (otherwise it is considered cancellation). In case of suspension, Liceo Hispánico will keep the amounts paid as a deposit in order to carry out future projects. Within a maximum period of 8 months following the date of cancellation.

In case of cancellation or suspension with bookings of flights, luggage, guided tours, tickets to places of cultural interest (monuments, museums, etc.), all expenses that have been supplied by Liceo Hispánico must be paid before the date scheduled for the beginning of the program, to avoid penalties and late interest.

Cancellation or Suspension does not exempt the obligation to pay amounts that exceed 150 euros if there are less than 5 business days to start the program.

If you are applying for a visa student, you have to notify all the changes at the embassy.

6. Waiver or change of enrollment in the course
Once you start your course, you cannot change the dates:
– If you want to delay the start date or advance the end date, you must apply to do so in writing and waive the remaining classes without refund.
– If you want to take less hours of class during the week than you are registered for, you must apply to do so in writing and waive the remaining hours without refund.
– If you would like to take more hours per week than those for which you are registered, you must register for the new course and pay the amount thereof.
– If the student requests a certificate for visa, the above applies. All changes will be communicated to the Embassy and the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

7. Personal data processing
Responsible: LICEO HISPÁNICO – NIF: E10411577. Address: PLAZA DE LA CONCEPCIÓN, 1 – 10.003 – CÁCERES Tel: 927221624 – Email: Liceo Hispánico guarantees the protection of personal data as defined in Europe RGPD and Spanish law 3/2018 of 5th December on the Protection of Personal Data and its subsequent amendments.

8. Timetable changes
You can change the timetable of your course once only if there is another timetable option in the same level and type of course (according to the availability). In case there is no other timetable option, no availability, or the available timetable does not suit you, the school does not refund you or postpone your course, but will give you the option to switch the course in which you have registered for individual classes for 35€ per hour, for the total amount of the price you have already paid and not spent.

9. Level changes
If you want to change your level during the course, your teacher has to confirm it first and you need to pass a specific exam to enter a higher level.

10. Absences
Attendance is taken daily.
If you need the diploma course remember that you have to the final exams, also need assistance not less than 70%.
If you need a studies certificate, it will certify your actual attendance.
If you miss the class for any personal reason the school does not refund or reschedule the class missed.
If you miss 3 consecutive weeks, your level will need to be revised and it will probably change.

11. Textbooks
In order to attend the class the student doesn’t need textbooks.
If you are enrolled in a course for less than one month, you can rent them from the school (subject to availability) by leaving a deposit of 20 EUR for book, which will be given back to you when you return the books in the same conditions. If you return the books two weeks later than the end of your course, the school does not refund you with the deposit.

12. Course proceedings
On the first day the teachers team of Liceo Hispánico could test the students’ language competence and organize the groups in different levels.
The classes take place in the morning or afternoon depending on the level and number of the students enrolled.
Group Courses => When the number of participants is less than 3 students, they will have 50% hours as semi-private tuition daily instead of 100% lessons in group.

13. Classes and Make-ups
There is no class on holidays (local, regional, national). These classes are included in the price and are not reimbursable because they are included in the contracts of our staff.

Every hour of class consists of 55 minutes of class with 5 minutes of break.
Missed classes are not recoverable or refundable.

14. Schedules
Classes (all year round): Monday to Thursday 9 to 14, afternoon 16 to 20. Friday 9 to 14.
Office hours for the public:
September to June: Monday to Thursday 9 to 14, afternoon 16:30 to 19:30. Friday 9 to 14.
July and August: Monday to Friday: 8 to 15.
Saturday and Sunday: closed.

15. National Holidays (The school will be closed).
Carnival: Tuesday, Ash Wednesday. Easter: Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Monday.
Sant Jordi
1st May Sant Fernando
15th August – Assumption of the Virgin
Day of Extremadura
12th October – National Holiday
1st November – National Holiday
6th December – Day of the Spanish Constitution
8th December – Immaculate Concepcion

From December 23th to January 6th the school is closed.
When the holiday match on Sunday, it will be move to the previous or next working day.
Long weekends, minimum services will be guaranteed.
Missed classes are not recoverable or refundable.

16. Medical and accident insurance
Medical and accident insurance is mandatory.
We recommend the Students to book insurance in their home country which covers:
– Medical and accident assistance.
– Travel cancelation expenses, liability and baggage loss insurance.
Our school can help you to contracting insurance for students, please contact us if you are interested.

17. Responsibilities of Liceo Hispánico
Liceo Hispánico exempts itself from any responsibility that may arise from the students’ acts or behavior during the course of their studies or during the complementary cultural, recreational and leisure activities. Likewise, Liceo Hispánico is not responsible for any damages that the student may cause in his or her accommodation. The Student will be charged for any of these damages or in case of younger students the parents will be held responsible.
Liceo Hispánico is not responsible for medical insurance, travel cancelation expenses, liability and baggage loss insurance.

18. Right of admission
The school reserves the right to refuse admission and exclusion. If had passed more than 10 calendar days to your arrival at the school, and you are subject of exclusion, Liceo Hispánico reserves the right to retain 150 euro in concept of registration fees and the amount corresponding to the number of hours of course that have been exploited to the date.

In the case the student at arrival to our school doesn’t make full payment; he/she doesn’t have the right to take advantage of our services until the time will be made all the payment, in this case, days and hours lost will not be recoverable.

The school may require official certificates if it is suspected that the Client / Student may be a danger to the school community (work personnel, other students and providers). In such case, when the danger is verified, Liceo Hispánico will proceed with an automatic cancellation. No amount will be refundable in the event of such automatic cancellation.The same terms, applies when the Client/ student has hidden a contagious pathology or criminal charges, and it has been discovered.

19. Image rights
Liceo Hispánico takes videos and photos during the courses and activities to promote the school in internet and other supports. If you are not agree with, please, let us know as soon as possible.

20. Newsletter
If you are not agree with, Liceo Hispánico will register you in the newsletter to give you personalized information about courses and offers (according to the anti-spam laws).

21. Complaints and suggestions.
Any student who wishes to make a complaint or demand has to send us a written complaint or demand as soon as possible and during his stay in the school so that we can solve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.
The school will write back to you but will also talk to the student in order to find the best solution for the problem.
– If there is not an agreement, the student may revert to the official complaint sheets of the Junta de Extremadura.
– The school has a suggestions box available. You can also send us an e-mail or write your suggestions in the questionnaire given at the end of the course.

22. Disagreement
These Terms and Conditions and the relationships established between Liceo Hispánico and the Client/Student, in particular the knowledge and resolution of any litigation, discrepancies or differences that may arise, will be governed and resolved in accordance with the provisions of Spanish regulations relating to applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction.

The parties interested in this contract, as they act, for all the procedures in which it is legally permitted, by mutual agreement and with express waiver of any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them now or from now on, are submitted for compliance, interpretation and for any questions arise from this contract, to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Cáceres (Spain).


La escuela Liceo Hispánico, se encuentra debidamente constituida desde diciembre de 2010. El presente documento establece las condiciones por las que se rige el uso de nuestros servicios y la contratación de cursos con clases de inglés para niños (en adelante Servicio). Le rogamos que lea atentamente los presentes y nuestra Política de Privacidad antes de usar el Servicio. Al utilizar nuestros recursos, darse de alta como Cliente o contratar nuestro Servicio, Vd. consiente quedar vinculado por las condiciones que se señalan.

Se entenderá por “Cliente” la persona física o jurídica que previa aceptación de las presentes Condiciones, contrate algún servicio de Liceo Hispánico. Se entenderá como “Sitio web”, la página web de Liceo Hispánico (

La aceptación de los presentes Términos y Condiciones es obligatoria e imprescindible para la contratación del Servicio. Por tanto, tal aceptación se produce en el momento en el que el Cliente formaliza se la matrícula del curso. Igualmente cuando se entrega una solicitud de reserva firmada, email o folleto con los datos para domiciliar el importe de la matriculación.

Los presentes Términos y Condiciones regirán la relación entre las partes (Liceo Hispánico y Cliente). Liceo Hispánico se reserva el derecho de modificar los términos y condiciones que, en su caso, hayan sido establecidos para la contratación del Servicio, a través del Sitio web, cuando lo considere oportuno o con la finalidad de adecuar dichos textos a los cambios legislativos y tecnológicos, siendo válidas y surtiendo efectos desde la publicación en el Sitio web de las nuevas versiones. La vigencia temporal de estos Términos y Condiciones coincide con el número de revisión indicado, por lo tanto, con el tiempo de su exposición, hasta que sean modificados total o parcialmente, momento en el cual pasarán a tener vigencia las nuevas condiciones. Dichas modificaciones no serán en ningún caso de caracter retroactivo a su entrada en vigor.

En caso de matriculaciones sucesivas, el Cliente debe prestar atención a los Términos y Condiciones de los cursos actualizados y expuestos en ese momento en el sitio web de Liceo Hispánico. Las C&T que se aplican serán las vigentes en la fecha de la nueva matriculación.

1. Objeto y localización
Liceo Hispánico, a través de sus instalaciones, presta al Cliente, cursos de inglés para menores de edad mediante los programas denominados Inglés para niños, los cuales, se realizarán en la sede de la escuela (Pza de la Concepción 1 en Cáceres), en Colegios/Institutos colaboradores. Las clases de los cursos se desarrollan en horarios comprendidos entre las 16:00 y las 21:00.

En casos de fuerza mayor, las actividades podrán realizarse en otra localización, a un máximo de 500 metros desde la ubicación habitual.

2. Reserva de plaza, precios y matriculación
El cliente puede realizar la reserva de plaza de dos maneras: (1) online, a través de la página web; (2) en papel, rellenando y entregándonos el folleto de matrícula, que puede descargar de nuestra web o conseguirlo en nuestra oficina.

El precio total del curso comprenderá:

– Una cuota correspondiente a la primera quincena del mes de junio de 20 euros.

– Ocho cuotas, correspondientes a los meses de octubre a mayo (ambos inclusive) de 39 euros cada una.
– Una cuota correspondiente a los días lectivos de septiembre de 29 euros.

Matriculación: Para hacer efectiva la reserva de plaza, el Cliente abonará un importe de 20 euros, correspondiente a la cuota de la primera quincena del mes de junio, con lo que se procederá a su matriculación en el Curso. Liceo Hispánico, si el cliente renuncia a la plaza o causa baja a lo largo del curso, no reembolsará, por considerarla lucro cesante, dicha cantidad. La matriculación da derecho a la asignación de una plaza (no de un horario) disponible en el momento de la reserva.

3. Pagos de los cursos
Todos los cursos se pagan en cuotas mensuales por adelantado, la primera semana de cada mes, salvo el mes de junio, que se abonará en el momento de formalizar la matrícula, como se indica en las condiciones para la matriculación.

Las formas de pago son las siguientes:
– En efectivo en la escuela.
– Con transferencia bancaria a la cuenta del Liceo Hispánico, indicando el nombre del alumno:
IBAN: ES70 3009 0110 9926 1205 4920
– Mediante orden de domiciliación bancaria SEPA: con la aceptación de las Condiciones y términos, el deudor (padre, madre o tutor del alumno) autoriza al acreedor (Liceo Hispánico, Plaza de la Concepción 1, 10.003 Cáceres) a: 1) enviar instrucciones a la entidad del deudor para adeudar su cuenta y 2) a la entidad a efectuar los adeudos en su cuenta siguiendo las instrucciones del acreedor. Como parte de sus derechos, el deudor está legitimado al reembolso por su entidad en la forma que se indica en estas Condiciones y términos. La solicitud de reembolso deberá efectuarse dentro de las ocho semanas que siguen a la fecha de adeudo en cuenta. Puede obtener información adicional sobre sus derechos en su entidad financiera.

4. Cancelación, renuncia o transformación de la matrícula durante el curso.
– La matrícula se realizará una sola vez a lo largo de un curso escolar, de septiembre a junio. En caso de rematriculación se debe abonar un importe de 15 euros por alumno.
– Una vez iniciado el curso, no se pueden cambiar los horarios en los que se ha matriculado, salvo disponibilidad y plaza en otro horario deseado. – Si quiere atrasar la fecha de inicio o adelantar la fecha final deberá solicitarlo por escrito y renunciar al resto sin que ello implique devolución de dinero por parte de la escuela.
Si la cancelación del servicio se produce unilateralmente, por decisión de Liceo Hispánico o por causas de fuerza mayor, Liceo Hispánico comunicará las fechas de recuperación de las clases o emitirá un vale canjeable para disfrutar del mismo u otros servicios de la escuela.

5. Clases y recuperaciones
– Los días festivos (locales, regionales y nacionales) no hay clase. Dichas clases se facturan y no son reembolsables, puesto que el importe que se paga mensualmente es una tarifa plana y porque las clases están incluidas en los contratos del personal laboral.
Serán días festivos:

Carnavales: Lunes y martes de carnaval.
Semana Santa: Miércoles, Jueves y Viernes Santo. Lunes de Pascua
San Jorge (incluso si se pasa a otro día).
1 de Mayo (incluso si se pasa a otro día).
San Fernando (incluso si se pasa a otro día).
15 de Agosto (incluso si se pasa a otro día). Día de Extremadura (incluso si se pasa a otro día).
12 de octubre: fiesta nacional (incluso si se pasa a otro día).
1 de noviembre: fiesta nacional (incluso si se pasa a otro día).
6 de diciembre: día de la Constitución (incluso si se pasa a otro día).
8 de diciembre: día de la Inmaculada (incluso si se pasa a otro día).

En caso de puentes se garantizarán los servicios mínimos.

Los cursos se suspenderán desde el día 22 de diciembre hasta el día 6 de enero (ambos inclusive).

– Cada hora lectiva corresponde a cincuenta y cinco (55) minutos de clase más cinco (5) de descanso.
– Las clases perdidas no son recuperables ni reembolsables.

6. Reclamaciones y sugerencias
– Cualquier estudiante que desee presentar una queja o reclamación debe hacerlo por escrito, lo antes posible y siempre durante su estancia en la escuela, para que podamos solucionarlo de la manera más rápida y eficaz.
– La escuela contestará verbalmente y también por escrito al estudiante, proponiendo las mejores opciones para la resolución si la queja tiene una base firme.
– Si no se llegase a un mutuo acuerdo el estudiante tiene a su disposición las hojas de reclamación oficiales del Gobierno de Extremadura.
– La escuela dispone de un buzón de sugerencias.
– El estudiante también puede enviarnos sus quejas y sugerencias por correo electrónico o plasmarlas en el cuestionario que se entrega al final del curso.

7. Bajas o desistimientos
Si el alumno quiere producir baja de los servicios de Liceo Hispánico, dicha baja debe efectuarse antes del último viernes de cada mes. Bien por correo electrónico a, o bien por teléfono al 927 221 624 (recomendado) con un mensaje a la secretaría en el caso de que se produjera fuera del horario de oficina. El personal docente no tiene acceso a los datos personales de los estudiantes y por lo tanto no puede tramitar las bajas de los alumnos. Para ello es necesario contactar la secretaría de Liceo Hispánico y así asegurarse la correcta recepción del correo y/o tramitación de la baja.
Si la baja se produce después de la fecha límite para las bajas (último viernes de cada mes), Liceo Hispánico podrá reclamar los importes pendientes hasta el momento.
Cuando se produzca la baja, ningún importe será reembolsable.

8. Autorización para el tratamiento médico
En el caso de que el participante, menor de edad, se encuentre en situación de necesitar tratamiento médico urgente, y/o de ser internado y/o intervenido quirúrgicamente sin que Liceo Hispánico haya podido localizar a sus padres o representantes legales, se autoriza a Liceo Hispánico a tomar las medidas que considere más oportunas para la salud del alumno, de acuerdo con el diagnóstico y consejo del facultativo correspondiente.

9. Autorización para actividades en exterior
El Cliente autoriza Liceo Hispánico para la realización de actividades didácticas en el exterior con el menor de edad, sin obligación de preaviso, en un radio máximo de 250 metros desde la ubicación habitual de desarrollo de las clases.

10. Datos Personales
Responsable: LICEO HISPÁNICO – NIF: E10411577 Dir. postal: PLAZA DE LA CONCEPCIÓN, 1 – 10.003 – CÁCERES Teléfono: 927221624 – Correo electrónico:
La empresa trata la información que nos facilita con el fin de prestarles el Servicio solicitado y realizar la facturación del mismo. Los datos proporcionados se conservarán mientras se mantenga la relación comercial o durante los años necesarios para cumplir con las obligaciones legales. Los datos no se cederán a terceros salvo en los casos en que exista una obligación legal. Usted tiene derecho a obtener confirmación sobre si en LICEO HISPÁNICO estamos tratando sus datos personales, por tanto tiene derecho a acceder a sus datos personales, rectificar los datos inexactos o solicitar su supresión cuando los datos ya no sean necesarios.

11. Discrepancias
Los presentes Términos y Condiciones y las relaciones establecidas entre Liceo Hispánico y el Cliente, en particular el conocimiento y resolución de cualesquiera litigios, discrepancias o diferencias que pudieran surgir, se regirán y resolverán de conformidad con lo establecido en la normativa española relativa a legislación aplicable y jurisdicción competente.

Las partes interesadas en este contrato, según actúan, para todos los procedimientos en que legalmente esté permitido, de común acuerdo y con renuncia expresa a cualquier otro fuero que ahora o en adelante pudiera corresponderles, se someten para el cumplimiento, interpretación y para cuantas cuestiones se susciten del presente contrato a la jurisdicción de los Juzgados y Tribunales de CÁCERES.

Cualquier duda y omisión en estas C&T, debe consultarse con nuestro personal administrativo. Gracias por su atención.

Liceo Hispánico, International Spanish School & Inglés para niños en Cáceres.

Januar 4, 2018