ERASMUS + IN SPAIN: KA1 Mobility for Spanish Teachers


To start with a project Erasmus + KA1 Mobility for Teachers of Liceo Hispánico Centre you must take into account some previous requirements about the current configuration of your educative institution.

First of all, you must make sure that your centre has a PIC (Personal Identification Code) available, a code needed to apply for a scholarship. The second thing you must do is to be aware if your centre does already have any other plans related to Erasmus+ programmes. In addition, we advice you to take note of all those teachers that would be possibly interested in these Erasmus+ scholarships in Spain, keeping them informed about the necessity of their help and support in one of the parts of the project so as to take part in it (it does not even imply a great effort or much work, but dedication and a positive attitude to carry it through).

It is obviously better if you count on motivated and hardworking people’s collaboration, since otherwise the quality of the project could be affected by the consequences (we warn you to keep excluded from the very beginning all those people who does not have any motivation for the project). Ask them if they are really interested in the course you propose to them and, otherwise, take note of their interests, since you could reflect them in your final project (in instance we can find teachers of other languages that might want to design a project to travel to a country different from Spain).

Once you have the PIC (Personal Identification Code) and you know the name and interests of all those who want to participate in this project, you must follow the following steps:

1. Complete your Pre-Registration
In order to do this, complete this document:Pre-Registración Erasmus +  KA1 Mobility for teachers in Spain – Liceo Hispánico Institution.
Before clicking on “submit” be sure you have written your e-mail address (it is the only way we have to keep you informed on Erasmus + scholarships).

2. Wait for the answer of Liceo Hispánico
In a maximum time period of 2 working days you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of Liceo Hispánico Centre. In this e-mail you will find attached some useful information to accomplish your mobility project Erasmus Plus KA1 Mobility.
If you have not received any confirmation after 2 working days try to contact us again, It is possible that your e-mail has not been sent or received correctly due to internet problems.

3. Download the application form to apply for the scholarship
To apply for the scholarship it is necessary to complete the an on-line application form with the contents of the project. Each country has its own downloadable application form available of the place of the National Agency in charge of the management of the European programmes.

To download the application form:
a. Search for the National Agency of your country:  National Agencies Erasmus +.
b. Enter the web-page of your National Agency.
c. Download the application form of “KA1 Mobility” session following these steps:

  • For teachers of children and teenagers download the application form Erasmus + KA1 Mobility – School Education Staff.
  • For teachers of adults download the application form Erasmus + KA1 Mobility – Adults Education Staff

4. Complete the application form you have downloaded
To complete the application form you can check the document we have sent to you via e-mail as an answer to your application for pre-registering in the programme Erasmus + Mobility KA1 for School Education Staff of Liceo Hispánico Centre. For any help, contact us.

5. Submit your Scholarship application
Once the application form is completed, it is time to submit it to the National Agency of your country to apply for the Erasmus + KA1 Mobility for Teachers.
To do this, you only must click on “Submit on-line” (on the last page of the application form).

6. Notify Liceo Hispánico of the state of your Scholarship
After submitting your project to the National Agency of your country, you must contact Liceo Hispánico Centre to notify your scholarship submission and to inform about the dates which are the most suitable for you to attend your course  Erasmus + KA1 Mobility for Teachers.

7. Resolution of the Scholarship
The publication of your project resolution might take even 4 months. Thus, it is essential that you create an alarm to check each 30 days if your project has been approved or not.
The results will be published in the National Agency’s web-page.
If there isn’t any publication after 3 months, make a call to your National Agency and get informed about the state of the  Erasmus + Movilidad KA1  scholarship your centre has submitted. 

As soon as you know the results of the grant, contact Liceo Hispánico to book your course. You can check the available dates here: Erasmus +KA1 mobility for Spanish teachers in the EU.

If you need it, Liceo Hispánico will help you through the process of Mobility KA1:

  • We are Spanish teacher trainers
  • We help you define and complete your project
  • We offer training courses to integrate in your project
  • Extensive experience in european programmes

We have materials at your disposal to help you fill out the forms of Erasmus + KA1 mobility for Spanish teachers that want to travel to Spain. The available mobilities are:

  • KA1 Mobility for school staff.
  • KA1 Mobility for adult education staff.

Deadline for submission: 2020.
For further information about Erasmus + KA1 mobility for teachers in Spain, contact Liceo Hispánico.

VIVE LA LENGUA – Erasmus + in Spain: KA1 Mobility for teachers.