Erasmus Plus in Spain – KA1 Mobility for teachers

Training Courses: COURSE A Enseñanza del español como lengua extranjera: propuestas prácticas para clases divertidas“COURSE B “Didáctica de la cultura y sociocultura: revisión práctica.
Once again, Liceo Hispánico hosts Erasmus + KA1 Mobility courses for teachers of Spanish language and teachers of other subjects in the EU that wish to improve their language knowledge and don’t know how to do it.
Next call 2018:

  • 12.02.2018 > 17.02.2018
  • 19.02.2018 > 24.02.2018
  • 30.04.2018 > 05.05.2018
  • 07.05.2018 > 12.05.2018
  • 09.07.2018 > 14.07.2018
  • 16.07.2018 > 21.07.2018
  • 05.11.2018 > 10.11.2018
  • 12.11.2018 > 17.11.2018

Check the program and conditions:

Erasmus + en España. Curso de formación Erasmus + KA1. Movilidad KA1 para profesores.

Programme, prices and accommodation

If your Erasmus + KA1 Mobility grant has already been approved and you wish to book our Spanish as a foreign language teaching course “Propuestas concretas para clases divertidas”, please fill the application our and we will help you to organize the trip and to enjoy your stay in Cáceres.

You will find the available dates in the following form:

Application form

If you want to obtain an Erasmus + KA1 Mobility for teachers grant and you have not prepared your project yet, we can help you. Please check our guide: 7 steps to get Erasmus + grant in Spain: KA1 Mobility for Spanish teachers.


VIVE LA LENGUA – KA1 Mobility for teachers



Erasmus + KA1 Mobility for Teachers in the EU

In order to take part in our course (A or B) with an Erasmus + grant, you must apply for a KA1 Mobility for Teachers and present a project to the National Agency of your country. If you are not able to do this, or you don’t want to spend your time on administrative matters, we advise you to take part privately and paying the couse on your own. If you are interested, contact us and we will provide you with information.

Erasmus + in Spain. Erasmus + KA1 Training Course. KA1 Mobility for teachers.

Programme, prices and accommodation

If you have already tried to obtain the grant and you have not succeeded, or you can’t pay the course on your own, you must take the long way, which is writing, presenting and approving your Erasmus + grant project. It is an added work to your teaching tasks, but it is also important to take into account that in case you succeed, the quantity of your course, transportation, accommodation and expenses included in the KA1 Mobility for teachers programme will be covered.

Presenting the project is rather easy, but you must take into account that you must count with the support of your own working institution. It is necessary that your centre’s principal approves your project before you start counting on other team members. To start with, we highly recommend you to search for motivated teachers that are truly interested in accomplishing a 6 days teaching course carried through in Spain. Liceo Hispánico offers the following course modalities:

  • KA1 Mobilityfor school education staff.
  • Movilidad KA1 for adults education staff.

This projects consists not only in a specific training for the teachers that take part in it. It also allows the creation of a huge contact network of teachers all around the UE, which allows and encourages the implementation of future projects between different teaching centres.

This project can be accomplished by both teachers of Spanish language and teachers of any other subject that wish to improve their language knowledge in order to collaborate with the Spanish language department by teaching some of their lessons in Spanish. For instance, let’s think about a geography or art teacher who wishes to give their lessons in Spanish.

If you are willing to start right now, check our 7 steps to apply for an Erasmus + grant in Spain: KA1 mobility for Teachers and contact the school. Do not rush, the project can have a 1 or 2 years length from its approval date.

VIVE LA LENGUA – KA1 Mobility for teachers


How to apply?

Course of “Enseñanza del español como lengua extranjera: propuestas prácticas para clases divertidas

For our program we have designed a model of project aimed at increasing the internationalization of the educationals centers, to improve the Spanish level of teachers and their teaching techniques.
Applying for the scholarship is rather easy. The single thing you have to do is to follow the instructions we provide you step by step. To begin with, let’s see who can apply for the scholarship and which are the minimum requirements.

Who can apply for the scholarship? Erasmus + Mobility KA1 for School Education Staff scholarship can be applied by European educative institutions located out of Spain dedicated to children, teenagers and adults’ teaching. To start with the project, it is necessary to designate a person as the main responsible of the project, who can carry out all the coordination process between the applicant, the centre of origin and Liceo Hispánico Centre. In all the projects we have carried through so far, the responsible of the project has usually been a Spanish speaker teacher.

Applicants’ Profile
Trainers that teach Spanish and who want to update their knowledge to improve their methodology and teaching resources for their lessons (A modality). Teachers of other subjects that want to learn Spanish to previously make use of it in some of their lessons with the help and support of the Spanish Department of the centre of origin and/or who want to collaborate with the department itself to organize cultural days or conferences (B modality). All the applicants must belong to the centre that submits the project.

Minimum number or applicants
To set the project in motion they are needed at least two applicants for one of the two different modalities proposed by Liceo Hispánico.

Length and place of training
The course will take 6 days and will take part in Liceo Hispánico Centre in Cáceres, Spain.

For any further information, please do not hesitate and Contact with Liceo Hispánico Centre.

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