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Fill in the form of the course you want and get your pre-registration to attend the Liceo Hispánico classes: once your application is received, we will help you to formalize the registration and to organize your trip, if you need it.

Español intensivo.
SPANISH INTENSIVE. If you travel alone to Spain and want to learn the Spanish language and culture, fill out this form.
Español para grupos
SPANISH FOR GROUPS. If you are a teacher and want to organize a trip with a Spanish course, activities and accommodation, fill out this form.
Curso de español para grupos de mayores
GROUPS OF OVER 50: If you want to organize a Spanish course for people over 50 years of age, fill out this form.
Prácticas en empresas.
WORK EXPERIENCE. If you want to do internships in our company, as an individual or with a group, we offer you our experience in English and Spanish: fill out this form.

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May 22, 2018
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