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At the Liceo Hispánico we know how difficult it is to learn a foreign language. Therefore, every day, we devote all our efforts to the creation of effective and attractive materials.

ELE Resources

Resources for Spanish Class

ELE de Liceo is a collection of Resources for Spanish class focused on teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The collection includes research articles and didactic experiences, as well as exercise models for the ELE class, graduated by levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2), with a communicative approach. ISSN 2340-7999.

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Of students

Reseña de Tasia: español con practica en empresa

If you’re looking for a place to study Spanish, Cáceres is the place to do it. If you’re looking for a language school in Cáceres, Liceo Hispánico is where you should study. I cannot speak more highly of the professors here, and the opportunities that the school offers (we went on tours of the old part of Cáceres, visited a recuperation center for birds up in the mountains, and had tapas together every once in a while!). The Staff are the sweetest people ever and will still push you to get the most out of your study abroad experience. I loved being here at Liceo Hispánico, practicing my Spanish, and spending time with some really wonderful, genuine people who are passionate about the Spanish language and about the success of their students. I’ll miss you guys!

Tasia – Iowa | Curso de español con practica en empresa

Curso intensivo de español

Depuis toute petite j’ai toujours été intéressée par l’espagnol et l’étudier dans la ville de Cáceres me tenait très à Coeur. Lorsque j’ai trouvé la page internet du Liceo, je dois admettre que premièrement je n’y croyais pas tant les activités et les cours proposés paraissaient incroyables. Mais aujourd’hui je peux affirmer que je n’ai pas du tout été déçue et qu’après quasi 5 mois de cours avec ma fabuleuse prof j’ai pu atteindre le niveau C1 et passer l’examen Cervantes en toute tranquilité. De plus, Cáceres est une ville importante d’erasmus et possède une ambiance très “internationale” qui plaira à tout le monde, j’en suis convaicue:Vive Le Liceo Hispánico!

Laure – Belgique | Curso intensivo de español

Mauro | Español como lengua extranjera

E’ stata una bellissima esperienza per tutta una serie di cose.. Dall’incontro con la stupenda lingua spagnola al contatto con le stupefacenti bellezze architettoniche e paesaggistiche di questa parte della Spagna. Dal confronto con altre culture ed altre persone al contatto diretto con una famiglia spagnola e al bellissimo atteggiamento dello Staff del Liceo nei miei confronti. Diciamo che viverla così questa terra ha tutto un altro sapore.

Mauro – Italia | Español como lengua extranjera

Opinión de Karoline - Alemania

Das Lernen in einem jungen dynamischen Team macht einfach viel mehr Spaß. Tolle Atmosphäre, super authentisches Material, einfach klasse!!! Komme gerne wieder!

Caroline – Alemania | Didáctica del español como lengua extranjera

Reseña de Koki, español en verano.


Koki – Japón | Curso de español en verano

Joep Holland - Español One to One

Liceo Hispánico kenmerkt zich door het persoonlijke contact vanwege de kleine omvang van de school. Vanaf het eerste e-mailcontact in Nederland tot aan het verblijf in de stad en het volgen van de lessen, zijn de medewerkers en docenten erg betrokken bij de studenten. Het team bestaat uit jonge, professionele en enthousiaste mensen die het leren van de Spaanse taal vergemakkelijken. Daarnaast organiseren ze excursies en kunnen ze allerlei tips verschaffen omtrent activiteiten in de omgeving.
Voor mij hebben ze een persoonlijk leerplan gemaakt omdat ik de Spaanse taal al redelijk tot goed beheerste. Ik kom hier zeker terug!

Joep – Holland | Clases individuales de español

Reseña de Español en grupo

I started classes with Liceo Hispanico with only a basic grasp of Spanish. I progressed from barely being able to greet people to carrying on conversations and even making jokes! The constant verbal component of the class has greatly increased my ability to understand and respond to people. Meanwhile, the reading and writing components have increased my knowledge base of both the language and the culture of Spain. The staff is extremely supportive, friendly, and provides all needed resources. Whether you’re in Spain for a week or a year, Liceo will be a great supplement to enhance your experience!

Sonhia – California | Curso de español en grupo


Я прекрасно провел здесь время! До обучения в Liceo Hispánico я в принципе
мог перекинуться парой слов на испанском, но только здесь я начал говорить
по-настоящему. Во многом – благодаря прекрасным преподавателям, но отчасти
и потому, что в Касересе люди почти не знают иностранных языков – очень
подходящее место для полного погружения в язык и культуру Испании!

Opinión de Alexander – Rusia | Curso de español

Opinión de Mary, italiana.

Il Liceo Hispanico è stata un’esperienza unica e indimenticabile e una tra le esperienze più importanti della mia vita!
 Quando sono arrivata a Cacères non sapevo dire nemmeno una parola in spagnolo e ora sono orgogliosa di saper parlare un altro idioma e soprattutto di saper comunicare in un’ altra lingua!
Le lezioni sono state utilissime e gli insegnanti oltre ad essere molto professionali sono stati magnifici perchè hanno saputo creare quell’ambiente confidenziale e accogliente che è stato l’ideale per apprendere nel miglior modo possibile lo spagnolo.
Grazie a questo ho imparato una lingua divertendomi! 
Consiglio vivamente a tutti questa esperienza e ringrazio ancora il Liceo!

Mary – Italia | Curso de español para turismo

Opinión Curso de español con Internship en Cáceres

The immersive environment that Liceo Hispanico provides has helped me gain the confidence to read, write, and most importantly, speak spanish, in only a few weeks time. To truly enjoy learning, you need passionate and talented teachers and Liceo Hispanico has some of the best I’ve ever known!
When I arrived in Caceres, I couldn’t speak a word of spanish. Now, after only a few weeks with Liceo Hispanico, I’ve gained the knowledge and confidence to read, write and speak another language. I could not have learned so much, so quickly, without the help of the talented and passionate staff at the school.

Ted – Missouri | Curso de español e Internship en Cáceres


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Liceo Hispánico is a prestigious school that organizes Spanish language immersion courses in Spain. The school designs tailor-made activities, has accommodation, transportation and a resource magazine for the ELE class.

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