Spanish School in Cáceres – Spain

Liceo Hispánico offers a modern and well-equipped yet also cosy and friendly environment to study Spanish. We specialize in all levels (A1 to C2) of Spanish as a foreign language, and also conduct teacher training programs, organize a diverse range of activities, and provide accommodation. Our aim is to give students an opportunity to learn easily and quickly within a fun and meaningful context.
The school is located in the heart of Cáceres (“Plaza de la Concepción 1”) in a pedestrian area full of shops, bars, outdoor cafés and restaurants, and steps away from the medieval city. The school’s facilities include classrooms, a library, a student lounge, offices, a teachers’ room and an audiovisual room. A wifi connection is also available for students who want to bring their own laptops, ipads, etc.

Our Method:

MÉTODO Lengua Habilidad® – The method we use in Liceo Hispánico is based on the student’s acquisition of diverse skills, as defined in the Common European Language Reference Framework. Since most students come with some Spanish already under their belt, the lessons we offer are very varied and focus on all aspects of the language (structure, vocabulary, culture, body language, pronunciation, etc.), so students will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in Spanish in any given situation or context
  • Gain confidence and avoid misunderstandings
  • Achieve communicative goals (convincing, amusing, etc) in different situations
  • Become familiar with the structure of the Spanish language
  • Learn about and get insights into Spanish culture

Classes on Liceo Hispanico are varied and with a maximum of ten students. They last 55 minutes and each one is focused on the acquisition of a different skill. On average, classes are during the morning, as the school offers activities in the afternoon in order to allow the students to practice what they have learned.
At the beginning of the course, the teacher tests the students to know their learning needs and focus the lesson on concrete issues, or even supply them with specific materials in order to learn some competences on their own.
We work with real materials, thought and made by our teachers and they are the result of a study of the student’s needs. They are varied and interesting, so the students will not feel that they could do the same activities on their own, but they will feel they are making the most of their time and learning.
When the student arrives to the school, if the teacher thinks it is necessary, the student will do a level test (written and spoken) in order to know which course could he join. If after a while the student thinks that such level does not work with his needs, he is allowed to change, provided that there are courses availables of the level he requires.

At the end of the Spanish course, the learner will be given a certificate of his Spanish language level with information about the course hours. In addition, those students who complete courses of at least two weeks, will receive a certificate with information regarding their progress in the course and with marks in the different worked skills.

VIVE LA LENGUA – Spanish School in Cáceres

May 27, 2018