Spanish Programs for Groups of Students in Spain

If you’re traveling with a group of friends or you’re a teacher bringing a group of students to Cáceres and you`d like to take advantage of your time in Spain to improve your Spanish, why not take one of our Spanish program for groups of students?


At Liceo Hispánico you can design exactly the course you want: we`ll arrange everything, from transport to/from nearby airports, accommodation during your stay in Cáceres and a customized course that combines our high-quality classroom courses with extracurricular activities like flamenco or music lessons, a gastronomic tour of the city, birdwatching, trekking and more!
The team of Liceo Hispánico has created Grupo+, the Spanish programs for groups of students based on the acquired experience after many years of work with countries that enjoy demanding education systems.
With Grupo +, specifically designed for groups of students of all ages, we

aim to offer not only an intensive learning of the language, but also the opportunity of “Vivir la lengua” and immerse yourself in the Spanish culture.

Organize your Study travel for groups of students (recommended for high school students):

You are about to start an unforgettable experience that goes beyond a mere course with professional purposes or an excursion that has been specifically dramatized for tourists. For us, you are not just another tourist, and you are not seasonal. The benefits of being a student are varied and provide many opportunities, and we are here to pave your way and walk with you through it. Liceo Hispánico offers three different types of linguistic immersion in order to suit the needs of our students. Present them to your group or colleagues, choose the one that fits better what you are looking for, and start living the language with us:

Basic Immersion

Grupo+, curso de español para grupos de estudiantes.

– Free Chaperones –
– Transfer airport –
– 15 hours of Spanish course –
– 3x Activities included –
– 1x Excursion –

Standard Immersion

Curso para grupos de estudiantes, España.

– Free Chaperones –
– Transfer airport –
– 20 hours of Spanish course –
– 4x Activities included –
– 1x Excursion –

Complete Immersion

Inmersión en la lengua y cultura española para grupos

– Free Chaperones –
– Transfer airport –
– 20 hours of Spanish course –
– 4x Activities included –
– 2x Excursion –

Study travel for groups of students in Cáceres (Spain). Feel free to customize our design according to your needs: add accommodation, day trips or more Spanish lessons in order to make your immersion more intensive. All our programs include the transport to/from Madrid, Sevilla or Lisbon airports, free transportation for the chaperone and a leaving party where certificates will be given.

Grupo + is the flagship product of Liceo Hispánico. In ours Spanish programs for groups of students we gather the best of teaching and the organization of the school to provide our students an unforgettable experience. In order to make this possible, they can complement their lessons with extra activities. These have been specifically prepared according to the interests and needs of our students and vary from cultural visits around Cáceres and Extremadura region to workshops or tapas tasting, among others.

In order to ensure the safety and comfort of our students, Liceo Hispánico offers transportation to different airports located close to the city (Madrid, Sevilla, Lisboa). Therefore, a bus will be already waiting for the students when they arrive to Spain with the purpose of carrying them to Cáceres where the home stay family or the hotels will be expecting their arrival.

Furthermore, our school offers the accommodation in Cáceres for the language immersion duration. Depending on the accommodation type, the students will be able to share their room with a roommate or with Spanish families that will surely be willing to help as much as possible.

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The lessons – Spanish programs for groups of students in Cáceres (Spain)
In order to improve the knowledge that has already been acquired in the centres of origin, our team organizes a course suited to the specific needs of the group, level adjustments, schedules and curriculum adaptation. In our Spanish group course classes we encourage oral expression and interaction by employing playful activities. We use attractive and original materials that allow a real usage of the language and cover the students’ needs. In addition, all our teachers are native speakers and have several years of experience in Spanish as a foreign language teaching.

The Activities – Spanish programs for groups of students in Cáceres (Spain)
Based on the interests of the group, we offer activities to complement the knowledge previously acquired in the lessons. In the afternoons we recommend varied cultural activities in Cáceres and its surroundings. We also organize gymkhanas and games to discover the city’s most attractive spots, and flamenco or cooking workshops, among others. Besides these activities, Liceo Hispánico offers a range of excursions and short trips for those students who are keen on getting to know the region in their spare time.

Do not miss the unique opportunity of living in a foreign country, learning a language and enjoying the experience with your friends. Contact us here.

VIVE LA LENGUA – Study travel for groups of students in Cáceres (Spain)

May 24, 2018