Intensive Spanish Courses

We have already talked about why Cáceres is the best place to learn Spanish in Spain. Here we propose the intensive Spanish courses most sought after by students who have come on their own initiative (if your idea is to accompany more than 10 people, come to this session, otherwise continue reading).


Designed to improve listening and reading comprehension, as well as written and spoken communication, and so are perfect for everyone. Configure your course however you like, with any combination of days and hours up to 25 class hours per week. Our group classes are great for learning quickly in a classroom environment, while our one-to-one courses allow our teachers to focus more exclusively on your specific language needs and areas of interest.

Spanish One to One

Our ‘One to One’ classes (1 Professor and 1 student) allow individual students to experience completely tailor-made learning experiences. Our students take control of their own class by asking questions about and focusing specifically on topics that most interest them or that are giving them the most trouble. This makes our ‘One to One’ classes an incredibly effective option for fast, focused learning.

Prices Spanish One to One Lessons
Each hour consists of 55 minutes of class and 5 minutes of rest. If for any circumstance the student cannot attend a class, LICEO HISPANICO grants the possibility of recovering it, with prior written notice at least 72 hours in advance.

Spanish in group

Group Spanish Courses cover all the essential skills you’ll need to command the language, including spoken and written comprehension and expression. You can take 10 hours per week if you’re interested in a more gradual, long term class experience, or until 25 hours per week if you’d like to truly immerse yourself in the language for much faster learning.

Prices Spanish course in group
Maximum 8 students per classroom. When the number of participants is less than 3 students, LICEO HISPÁNICO will teach 50% of the hours as individual or semi-individual classes instead of 100% as a group class, without additional charges.


Preparation DELE exam.

Price: 40 euro/hour

One to One lessons

Teaching materials included

DELE Exam Preparation

Spanish language course especially designed for Instituto Cervantes’ Spanish-as-a-Foreign-Language Diploma (DELE), an exam that certifies your level of proficiency in Spanish. Certificates are awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. Liceo Hispánico prepares students enrolled in this course for all levels of exams.

The 100% of our students have passed the DELE exam so far


VIVE LA LENGUA – Intensive Spanish Course in Cáceres

May 23, 2018