We offer a broad range of extracurricular activities to pick and choose from depending on your interests. Do you want to learn how to dance Flamenco? Or perhaps you’re interested in learning how to cook Spanish food, including traditional dishes from Extremadura? Our à-la-carte immersion courses are the perfect way to delve deeper into Spanish culture during your stay in Cáceres.

Some examples:


Dance, have fun and discover this age-old Spanish art. “Live” flamenco, and become a dancer in just a few days!

Educational Goal: Solidify group integration and acquire a different type of cultural competency by being able to participate in a socio-cultural Spanish event. Students attend a flamenco class with a professional dancer in a dance school.  During the lesson, they will have the opportunity to learn some of the flamenco steps, and complete a short choreography.  Afterwards, they will be able to dress up in traditional flamenco outfits and participate in a photography session.

Bird Watching 

If you’re into birding, guess what? Extremadura has over 330 bird species—among them black vultures, bustards, black storks and herons—to help make your trip here a truly unique experience.

Educational goal: Birdwatching hard to find in other European areas. Knowledge of their natural habitat. Knowledge of natural system “dehesa” and the peculiarities of the Mediterranean forest.  Area of Cáceres are privileged places for observing bird species, as the city is in the center of a SPA (Special Protection Area for Birds). Depending on the time of year we can find a variety of steppe birds such as the great bustard (Otis tarda), waders, ducks and, during winter, flocks of thousands of cranes (Grus grus). Montfrague National Park, less than an hour, welcomes nestings of imperial eagle (Aquila adalberti) black vulture (Aegypius monachus) and black stork (Ciconia nigra). The activity is the guided tour of specific sites for observation.


Learn to prepare and enjoy delicious food, participate in a wine tasting or attend a tasting of typical Spanish food.

Educational goal: Deep knowledge of local products highly recognized. Information on how they manufacture, and sale features. Tasting high quality products that have a very limited production. Extremadura cuisine is based on a handmade local products obtained from natural exploitation “dehesa”. We found several appellations of origin for both cheese (Torta del Casar), Iberian pork products (Dehesa de Extremadura) or wine grape varieties themselves. The activity offers the tour and tasting of these products in significant environments.


Join our music classes to learn how to play an instrument, practise or improve your knowledge of music. This is a great opportunity to dive into the world of music. Don’t miss it!

Educational goal: Improve the learning of musical technique. Using specialized vocabulary. Start contacting local musicians for possible future encounters.  It is one or several master classes offered by an expert instrumentalist, who may correct and teach students who are starting out in musical learning.


Use your time here to get into shape: play tennis or golf, swim or enjoy outdoor sports.

Educational Goal: Encourage student involvement in society and facilitate the acquisition of communicative competency. At Liceo Hispánico, we are aware that sports play an important role in the process of integrating students into a new environment and learning a new language. Because of this, we encourage physical activity, and students, professors, and friends organize sporting events.

Horseback Riding

Do you like to ride horses? In Cáceres, you can!

Educational Goal: Learn to value and recognize elements in a natural context, increasing their understanding of the world and improving communication skills. Also, to solidify group interaction outside of class and put into practice the things learned during class time. Students have the opportunity to take a ride on a donkey or horse in the city’s natural context.

Tapas Nights

Have you heard about tapas, but have never tried them? Join us for a tapas crawl and have a great time!

Educational Goal: Get to know the Spanish cuisine and promote the use of the Spanish language in a practical environment, encouraging participation from the students in implementing the knowledge acquired during school hours.  Tapas are appetizers that are served in the majority of bars to accompany a drink.  Spaniards eat tapas during lunch or dinnertime and tale advantage of these moments to build relationships with the people in their community.

Guided Tours

Truly enjoy and get insights into the places you visit. Take a guided visit and get all the info and “secrets” about the sights!

Educational Goal: Encourage communication, group integration, and the acquisition of cultural and intercultural understandings. Take a walk through the monumental part of Cáceres (UNESCO World Heritage Site) accompanied by a guide that explains the principal monuments of the old city.  Approximate duration of this activity is an hour and half.

Visit national Parks

Enjoy the natural surroundings of Extremadura! Visit Monfrague, Cornalvo and el Tajo. Don’t go home without living this unique experience!

Educational Goal: Recognize and evaluate different artistic manifestations, while providing opportunities for the students to implement what they learn in class. The Vöstell is a museum of mixed-media art located in the natural reserve, Los Barruecos.  In it, students will enjoy a visit through an area of great geological importance.  At the same time, they will see an exhibit by Spanish-German artist, Wolf Vöstell, an internationally acclaimed artist in post-war art.

Try a typical Spanish Paella

Dig into a typical Spanish dish with our teachers!

Educational Goal: Mingle with people in a new environment and experience various culinary expressions of the Spanish culture, putting into context material learned in class while promoting practical language use. Students and professors go to a restaurant in which a traditional Spanish dish, paella, is waiting for them.  While the students eat, they will be given a recipe card with the ingredients and step-by-step instructions.  At the same time, the cook and a professor will explain how the dish is prepared.  The activity includes a drink, and coffee or tea.


Learn how to prepare typical Spanish dishes and go home with new culinary tricks!

Educational Goal: Learn some Spanish cooking techniques and prepare a dish. Increase vocabulary learned in the class and fix the knowledge. Contacting with an expert cook to increase the immersion of students. Spanish cuisine offers interesting distinctive peculiarities. A cooking classes allow the teaching of basic techniques for the preparation of regional dishes, from the hand of a professional, in a suitable environment.

Arts and Crafts

Do you like making things? Check out our arts and crafts activities!

Educational Goal: Manual work fosters an environment in which vocabulary learning is done quickly and efficiently. With the activity aims settlement reflection and vocabulary related to materials, techniques and processes. Relaxed meet in a crafts workshop in which students will perform various activities, led by a teacher with an environment conducive to conversation and the exchange of ideas and experiences.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, tell it us. We will create a custom extracurricular activity unique for your Spanish course:   

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May 28, 2018